Audi Twin Cup

Congratulations Joe Beck
We are excited to congratulate Joe Beck, our Audi Centre Brisbane Master Technician on achieving second place in the Australian Twin Cup. 

Think of it as something like the Olympics for the best Audi service technicians and advisors from around the world. The Audi Twin Cup is a championship ran by Audi, a hard-fought competition which, for 18 years, has been the benchmark of excellence for service and technical expertise at Audi.

Joe will go on to represent Australia at the International Twin Cup finals in Munich in the coming months. The international final sees intensive competition over two days, where teams are presented with a variety of problems by a panel of Audi experts and are evaluated on their ability, speed and professionalism in solving them.

Whether this be service best practise or displaying their intimate knowledge of the advanced Audi systems in identifying cleverly hidden problems, teams are put under intense pressure and scrutiny.

We wish Joe the best of luck in the finals. Bring it home for team Australia and Audi Centre Brisbane!