Focus your power.

The exterior of the new Audi R8 Coupé.

The new Audi R8 is a clear statement. Whichever perspective you choose: its design language is unmistakeable. Each line embodies pure aesthetics, yet leaves you in absolutely no doubt that this R8 is a high-performance sports car.


Timeless design.

The appearance of the new Audi R8 V10 plus makes its presence felt. Except when it comes to air resistance. The aerodynamic body line is based on the shape of the legendary Audi R18. In addition, many details made of carbon, such as the new front spoiler, the two-piece sideblades and the rear wing and rear diffuser, give it an unmistakeable motor-racing look.


Clear sight.

The new Audi R8 not only looks good – it has personality. The striking Audi Singleframe grille with honeycomb grid and the wide air inlets testify to its boundless power. The LED headlights convey excellence in form and function. An innovation with brilliance: the optional full-LED headlights with Audi laser light. The laser light technology is a revelation in lighting technology. It not only beams brighter than the conventional LED high beam, it also reaches twice as far. And provides more safety and comfort thanks to the increased range. From speeds of 60 km/h, four bundled high-power diodes with a wavelength of 450 Nm per headlight are used as the light source. The blue laser beams hit phosphor converter plates which transforms them into roadworthy white light. A reflector bundles the beams into an almost point-shaped source of light that focuses only on the car’s own lane thanks to narrow side illumination, resulting in a significantly improved visual range that is bound to win you over.


Lighter than ever before

Vehicle body rigidity made easy: for over two decades, the Audi Space Frame has been a convincing example of innovative lightweight technology. The high-strength aluminium frame structure is characterised by a high level of rigidity while at the same time being lightweight. With the R8 V10 Coupé, Audi presents a new body concept and the next evolutionary step of the Audi Space Frame. The multi-material construction design takes centre stage. The body of the new Audi R8 V10 Coupé, for example, is made up of a variety of components: 50 % extruded aluminium sections, 15 % aluminium sheets and 21 % aluminium cast nodes. In addition to the well-known materials, new materials are being used in the Audi R8 V10 Coupé for the first time – such as the carbon elements that make up the final 14 %. This, in combination, with the higher-strength aluminium alloys and the struts concept in the rear of the car, allowed for a further increase in body rigidity and reduction in weight – while improving the functional characteristics at the same time. In addition, the geometric lightweight construction improved power transmission. That is because the Audi Space Frame represents not only safety, but also increased performance and sporty handling.



The aerodynamic development of the new R8 was particularly focused on one parameter that plays a predominant role in motorsport: downforce, the force that presses the car down onto the road and enables high speeds through curves. Here, the Audi R8 V10 plus achieves the pinnacle of performance. At speed, the car can generate up to 140 kg of downforce, of which 100 kg is over the rear axle  – which is a requirement for the 330 km/h maximum speed that the top version can reach.

The rear spoiler has also been designed to achieve optimal downforce. On the R8 V10 plus, the spoiler is implemented as a fixed wing, its profile derived from Audi’s DTM race cars. The wing works together with the large diffuser on the underbody to create a trailing edge that generates as little turbulence as possible.

The diffuser is located at the height of the rear axle. It takes accelerated air from the underbody and brings it back down to the speed of the ambient air without excessive turbulence. This suction effect lets the air flow faster, heightening downforce. Two venturi spoilers guide the high-speed air into the diffuser and nearly double its effect. Within the diffuser, longitudinal ribs channel the airflow so that it does not concentrate in the middle.


Hand-made precision

Each Audi R8 is unique and bears its own personal style. Unlike in large-scale productions with fully automated processes, the R8 is mostly hand-made in the sports car manufacture of quattro GmbH. For example, the weld seams of the bodyshell are mainly manually created. Robots are used only for support for non-ergonomic production processes. Small, highly qualified teams give the sports car its unique shape and always comply with stringent Audi requirements – from assembling the body to putting on the finishing touches. After the body has been constructed, the most experienced employees assemble the R8 at 15 coordinated stations almost exclusively by hand. Due to the numerous equipment variants and customisation possibilities hardly any combination is created twice. There are numerous customisation options available for those who wish to personalise both the interior and the exterior of their new R8. Paint colours for the body have been newly developed and can be freely combined with the colours of the side blades – a blade made from glossy carbon is a striking highlight. Ten standard exterior colours are available. For the R8 V10 plus there is an additional matt paint finish available: Camouflage Green.