Presence in every line.

The exterior of the Audi SQ7.

External design elements of the Audi SQ7 demonstrate a confident balance of muscularity and sharpened styling. Key features are accentuated, such as the aluminium exterior mirror housings, distinctive Singleframe grille and the robust wheel arches. The foremost impression is of poise, capability and strength.



Each contour reiterates the key themes of the Audi SQ7: power, performance and relaxed capability. Strong horizontal lines emphasise the vehicle’s width and stance, visually anchored by a sculpted diffuser and two pairs of trapezoidal exhausts. A broader and more prominent roof-edge spoiler caps the D-pillar, lending the SQ7 a more dynamic profile and underscoring the performance model’s intent.



The attitude of the Audi SQ7 is one of power and precision. This is expressed through details, including a decisively contoured front apron, wide air inlets and SQ7 badges on the singleframe grille and rear tailgate, and V8T badges on the front fenders. The large, raked headlights of the SQ7 are emphasised in three dimensions and feature double-arrow-shaped signature detail. Matrix LED technology is available as an alternative to standard LED. A dozen paint finishes are available, including Garnate Red by Audi exclusive.

Information about availability.
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