The TFSI® engines of the Audi Q3.

Ready for driving enjoyment.

Audi TFSI engines produce excellent dynamics with outstanding efficiency, and impressive performance.

Audi TFSI engines considerably reduce size and weight, while performance remains as impressively dynamic, for power delivery that will win you over from the word go. For example the 1.4 TFSI 110 kW with Audi cylinder on demand technology in the Audi Q3, offering outstanding efficiency and performance.

• 1.4 TFSI (110 kW, with Audi cylinder on demand technology)
• 2.0 TFSI quattro (132 kW)

Audi cylinder on demand.

Audi cylinder on demand technology proves that even cylinder heads can be intelligent. Cylinders two and three of the 4-cylinder TFSI engine automatically shut down when they’re not required, helping to lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions—all without the driver noticing the seamless transition.