As unique as you are.

Equipment options.

Sportiness, comfort, design, functionality – whatever you demand from your Audi, a wealth of equipment options is available to meet your needs. Here you will see just how much attention we pay to detail. And to quality which you are able to appreciate with all your senses.


Audi Matrix LED headlights

A matrix of LEDs use data recorded by the camera, sensors and navigation system to selectively illuminate the vehicle surroundings with precision. The LEDs are switched on and off in a fraction of a second, can be dimmed, and require no swivelling mechanism. They are also extremely energy efficient and have a long service life.

This outstanding technology integrates numerous convenience functions to enable automated division between dipped and high beam, such dynamic cornering light and permanent high beam with partial masking of other road users as required.

The crisp, lighting pattern of the headlights with a day and night design configuration results in near daylight illumination during night time driving, and include dynamic indicators to provide excellent recognition by other road users.


Convenience key including electric tailgate

Doors and tailgate can be opened and locked without actuating the key carried with you. Touching the door handles or handle strip on the tailgate respectively unlocks the doors and tailgate automatically. The tailgate can also be opened when the vehicle is locked.


Park assist with display of surroundings

Virtually automatic steering action when parking. Ultrasonic sensors integrated discreetly into the bumper at the sides search for suitable bay parking spaces and kerb-side parking spaces. Calculates the ideal parking path for bay parking spaces and for kerb-side parking spaces the ideal parking and exiting paths. The driver has to accelerate, apply the brakes and monitor the parking or exiting process. The display of the surroundings warns the driver of any obstacles at the side of the vehicle, depending on the steering angle.


Head-up display

Information relevant to the driver from assistance systems, navigation instructions and warnings are projected as required onto the windscreen in the driver‘s direct field of vision. The height-adjustable head-up display provides a multicoloured display with good contrast and minimal distraction from the road.


Audi connect including car phone

Use of Audi connect and more convenient telephone operation thanks to integrated car phone. Vehicle is connected to the internet via an integrated data module. Requires a Bluetooth capable mobile phone (with SIM Access Profile) to be connected or a SIM card to be inserted. Possible to transfer phone book entries and manage call lists.

Please contact your Audi partner for more detailed information about Audi connect; contact your mobile services provider for information about your data plan.


Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System

Captivating surround sound reproduction provided by 19 loudspeakers, including subwoofer, each with their own dedicated amplifier channel. The all-digital, highly efficient 5-channel ICE Power amplifier for woofers and subwoofer as well as the 14-channel DSP all-digital amplifier produce a total output of over 1,400 watts and enable 5.1. surround sound reproduction. Polished loudspeaker covers in aluminium and automatically extending acoustic lenses for excellent sound performance and perspective at every seat.


Ambient lighting

Anti-glare background lighting for the passenger compartment in LED technology. Consisting of light band in roof module and light bands at the sides. Lighting for door pockets, footwells, inside door handles and door sill trims. Surround lighting for centre console (floating effect). Brightness can be adjusted in 4 zones, each with 20 dimming stages. A choice of 3 colour moods can be selected in the MMI®.