Driver assistance systems.

Progressive is perceptive.

Class-leading safety features including pedestrian detection with autonomous emergency braking, exit warning, rear cross traffic assist and Audi side assist demonstrate technology at its finest. When you drive the Audi A4, you’re at the centre of a highly intelligent and intuitive system—one with your best interests in mind.


Audi pre sense city.

This system can detect vehicles and pedestrians in a speed range of up to approx. 85 km/h. If an imminent collision is detected, the system warns the driver and, if necessary, can initiate a maximum deceleration action to reduce the speed or, if possible, prevent the collision.

Eyes front and back.

Should a vehicle loom in your blind spot from behind, radar sensors will activate LED warning signals to let you know – flashing more urgently if you’ve indicated to change lanes. You’ll also be warned of approaching traffic, including cyclists, before opening your door.

Traffic jam assist*.

The Audi A4 can automatically accelerate, brake and even steer in slow-moving, city traffic – at up to 65km/h – remaining in your lane or in the queue.

*Optional equipment