Inspired by competition

Born out of motorsport, the all-new Audi RS 3 Sedan delivers a spine-tingling combination of performance and innovation, worthy of the Audi Sport badge. Featuring a host of advanced technology and a refined interior, this is a sports car for the everyday. With an engine note as distinctive as its aggressive design, the RS 3 Sedan is engineered to push the limits. 

Unmistakeable power

The turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine produces a thrilling 294 kW and 480 Nm of torque with instant responsiveness and acceleration throughout the rev range. Coupled to our advanced 7-speed S tronic transmission with its virtually instantaneous gear changes, it launches the RS 3 Sedan from 0-100km/h in just 4.1 seconds. Equally impressive is the RS sport exhaust system, which creates a visceral sound from the dual tailpipes.

Braking power

Power is not just about acceleration. The internally ventilated, perforated steel discs on the front wheels are 370 millimetres in diameter, providing optimal deceleration. Stainless steel pins join the friction ring to the aluminium brake disc chambers to dissipate the heat quickly. The eight-piston brake callipers with the RS logos are painted red to emphasise the sporty character.

Audi virtual cockpit

Audi reinvented the traditional dial-based instrument panel with the virtual cockpit, which allows the driver to control what information, navigation data and infotainment functions are displayed in high-definition. A selectable sport mode features a central rev counter and performance-oriented secondary displays such as lap timer, power output/torque or charge pressure. This is supplemented by RS-specific functions: G-force meter and shift light.

quattro all-wheel drive

The quattro all-wheel drive system in the RS 3 Sedan creates astonishing levels of mechanical grip for higher corner entry speeds and slingshot exits. The RS 3 Sedan is capable of redirecting its huge power and torque in milliseconds to the wheels with the most traction for more dynamic, safer and involving handling.