Synonymous with muscular torque delivery and outstanding efficiency: TDI®. Today, TDI® engines are sporty, smooth and economical

The groundbreaking role that Audi holds on the diesel technology front stems from the peerless expertise it has built up over decades. Audi engineers have been responsible for one vital breakthrough after another, with the most important of these coming in 1989 when Audi took the wraps off the world's first ever TDI® engine in a passenger car. TDI® is today the powerful, economical and efficient alternative for the vehicle drive of the future.

TDI® engines with common rail and piezo injectors achieve extremely smooth and efficient combustion with excellent acoustic comfort. At the same time, emissions are reduced by measures such as the diesel particulate filter, which is fitted as standard. The turbocharger with variable turbine vane geometry plays a major role in producing the engine’s high torque and increasing the amount of power obtained from the same engine displacement. Control of the flow of air into the cylinder also achieves significant improvements in power build-up. This has the added advantage of allowing exhaust gas recirculation, which further reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

Economy, low emissions and high power yield – achieved with pioneering technologies. The latest generation of TDIs® are high-efficiency, high-tech engines.