Panoramic glass roof*

More light and air in the interior: the panoramic glass roofs offer more than twice the transparent surface of a conventional sliding sunroof.


A brighter, even friendlier interior and more fresh air: the panoramic glass roofs available for many Audi models have a lot to offer. They not only emphasise the vehicle design with a large glass surface extending almost from the windscreen to the rear window, but also give the interior an impressive feeling of space that also benefits the rear passengers – in the Audi Q7, the glass surface even reaches as far as the third seat row.

Separate blinds in the Audi S3 Sportback, A4 Avant and Audi Q5 provide flexible sun protection for the occupants and prevent heat build-up in the vehicle interior. The two netting-type sunblinds are air-permeable and colour-coordinated with the interior. The front blind can be closed even when the glass roof is open. In the Audi Q7, the sunblinds can be operated independently of each other for greater flexibility. The front sunblind for the first and second seat rows is opened and closed electrically via a rocker switch. The rear sunblind, which shades the third seat row, is operated manually.

On all models fitted with a panoramic glass roof, the large front glass element can be opened and closed electrically. The occupants can choose between the tilting and sliding functions, as well as the comfort setting. The second glass element is fixed. In the Audi Q7, there is an additional glass element in the third seat row area, which can be tilted with a lifting function.

* Optional equipment