Navigation systemwith MMI® operating logic

Forward-looking, competent, innovative: the navigation system with MMI® operating logic. The system pilots you straight to your destination with clear spoken directions and an easy-to-understand arrow view on the driver information system (DIS). If desired, the system uses dynamic route guidance by means of TMC, which analyses traffic information and directs you around hold-ups wherever possible

The navigation system with MMI® operating logic guides you to your chosen destination with the help of a pleasant voice and the arrow view on the driver information system.

Dynamic route guidance means that the navigation system is also able to take current traffic information into account. This system places numerous other innovative functions at the customer's disposal, such as MP3 functionality, convenient telephone operation and an intuitive operating concept that closely follows the Audi MMI® principle.

Functions included
The navigation system with MMI® operating logic has the following functions:

  • Integrated, high-quality radio system
  • CD drive for navigation, audio or MP3 CDs
  • 6-inch monochrome display
  • View of route directions and arrow display on the driver information display
  • In addition to entering your chosen destination, it is also possible to use special destinations, e.g. hotel, restaurants or railway stations, as well as so-called top special destinations, such as the nearest car park or the nearest petrol station
  • Input of stopover destinations, also en route while route guidance is in operation
  • The CD drive can be used for playing audio CDs or MP3 CDs
  • Directory entries can also be used as destinations for the navigation system
  • Convenient telephone operation provided a mobile phone preparation (Bluetooth) is installed