Multifunction steering wheel*

Full control at your fingertips. The multifunction steering wheel helps the driver concentrate on the traffic – with attention focused on the road and hands on the wheel, you can still benefit from all entertainment and information functions. The multifunction steering wheels are available with or without a gearshift function, combine a wide range of functions, are easy to use and enhance safety on the road.

Whether you are tuning the radio to select a station, operating the CD changer, activating the telephone or giving commands to the speech dialogue system – even complex functions like selecting addresses from the phone book can be carried out straight from the steering wheel. The Audi multifunction steering wheels certainly live up to their name. They let the driver keep both hands on the wheel while operating a whole variety of different functions.

Two neatly arranged control elements are positioned symmetrically on the horizontal spokes of the multifunction steering wheels. They each consist of a roller control, which can be turned and pressed, and an easy-to-reach button.

  • Using the left-hand controls, the driver can control the main radio and telephone functions and access the on-board computer.
  • The right-hand controls adjust the infotainment system volume and activate the optional voice control.

The Audi multifunction steering wheels have won acclaim from the motoring press for their intelligent design as the steering wheels with the best multifunction operation.

The Audi multifunction steering wheels are available in three or four-spoke versions, and also with optional shift paddles in models with an automatic gearbox or S tronic.

* The standard multi-function steering wheel types (e.g. three-spoke or four-spoke) vary between models. Some functions, like accessing the phone book, depend on the standard equipment fitted to the particular Audi model. Please see your Audi dealer for further detailed information"