MMI® Operating Logic

The main functions - entertainment, communication, information and control - can be called up directly on the MMI® terminal using function buttons. Within the main functions, the main sub-functions are activated by four control keys. These are arranged around the central rotary control/pushbutton, where they can be pressed to select the corresponding functions.

A principle with numerous possibilities

The main functions of the MMI®:

  • Entertainment: operation of radio and CD/TV
  • Communication: phone operation
  • Information: retrieve traffic information and set navigation system dynamic routing settings
  • Control: vehicle settings and infotainment component setup

Key feature of the Multi Media Interface:
The driver need only remember four points in order to operate all the infotainment components and control the vehicle settings:

  • All main functions are selected via eight function keys.
  • The subsidiary functions are selected and activated by turning and pressing the control button.
  • The current functions of the four control keys are directly shown in the four corners of the MMI® display.
  • To move back up to the higher menu level, the driver simply presses "Return".