Deluxe automatic air conditioning plus

Just the desired climate on both sides: whether you are the driver or the front passenger – the separate controls on the deluxe automatic air conditioning plus provide you with your own individual interior climate, optimum air quality and a pleasant temperature.

Deluxe automatic air conditioning plus allows the passengers to feel comfortable and at ease – whatever the weather outside. With deluxe automatic air conditioning plus, regulation of the interior temperature takes into account the position of the sun. The advantage: the vehicle interior temperature is always maintained at the desired level as manually selected. Depending on the specification, the temperature and ventilation intensity in the vehicle interior can be individually adjusted for up to four separate zones.

Other benefits of deluxe automatic air conditioning plus:

  • Clear visibility: a special dehumidifying system prevents the windows from fogging when air humidity is high.
  • Clean air: an additional air quality sensor detects whether there is a high concentration of pollutants in the outside air. The deluxe automatic air conditioning plus system then switches automatically to air recirculation mode.
  • Individually memorised: the temperature and blower strength personally selected by the driver are stored for the particular key used when the ignition is switched off, and retrieved again when the ignition is next switched on with the same key.