Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System*Innovative design, advanced technology plus highest quality materials and workmanship.

Innovative design, advanced technology plus highest quality materials and workmanship: in partnership with the hi-fi specialists Bang & Olufsen, Audi has developed a sound system that sets new standards – for an unforgettable listening experience.

For the ears and the eyes: perfectly integrated into the sporty and luxurious interior, the sound system developed for the Audi A8 and Audi Q7 offers a special look all of its own. The design takes into account specific acoustic characteristics such as the room volume, shape and materials used, plus also the engine, wind and tyre noises. The speaker grilles are made of anodised aluminium.

The developers attached particular importance to computing the surround sound. Most sound sources such as CD and digital radio (DAB) only have two programmed output channels (stereo); drivers of an Audi A8 or Audi Q7 should nevertheless be able to enjoy the benefits of surround sound even when using these stereo sources. To achieve this, a special control program computes a surround signal with five channels and a subwoofer signal from just two channels.

A microphone integrated into the vehicle continuously measures the changing background noises and feeds this information to the digital signal processor (DSP). This ensures a constant, fascinating listening experience at all times.

The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System is equipped with a total of 14 speakers for Q7 and 19 speakers for A8, each with its own output stage. The speakers are installed in enclosed housings, which ensure the same conditions at all times for each individual speaker. Another advantage of enclosed housings is the minimisation of sound emission to the environment, thus enhancing the level of privacy within the vehicle. The 3-way system in the front consists of a 165-mm woofer (in the Audi A8: 140-mm woofer) in an enclosure and an 80-mm mid-range speaker (in the Audi A8: 90-mm mid-range speakers) in each of the front doors. The treble is reproduced by two 19-mm acoustic lens speakers that are extended out of the instrument panel. An 80-mm cone speaker (in the Audi A8: 70-mm) serves as the centre speaker. The 2-way system in the rear comprises a 140-mm woofer (in the Audi A8: 133-mm) in an enclosure and 25-mm tweeters in the rear doors. Low bass is provided by a 200-mm subwoofer in a gigantic 20-litre enclosure. To complete the sound system, two 80-mm broad-band speakers are installed in the headlining for surround sound reproduction (A8: 90-mm broad-band surround speakers).

Acoustic lens technology
The front tweeters using acoustic lens technology are among the most important elements of the new sound system. When the system is activated, two lens tweeters are automatically extended from the dash panel. These ensure an extremely accurate performance at every seat thanks to their precisely aligned horizontal sound distribution. Here the visual fascination of visible technology is combined with the acoustic brilliance of the new Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System.

Amplifier output
In the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, two amplifiers provide more than 1,000 watts if required. The high-performance amplifier has four channels of 125 watts each for the four woofers and one 250-watt amplifier for the subwoofer. The second amplifier (DSP) is responsible for signal processing and, with nine output stages of 28 watts each, for powering the mid-range speakers, the surround speakers and the tweeters.

* Optional equipment