Tailgate / Luggage compartment lid, electrically opening and closing*

Easy and convenient: many Audi models can be ordered with tailgate / luggage compartment lids that open and close automatically – electric or mechanical versions are available depending on the model line.

Convenience at the press of a button: a power-operated boot lid makes loading the vehicle easier and offers a real enhancement of comfort for short people and people with disabilities. The electric luggage compartment lid, available for selected models, opens and closes at the press of a button – via the opening button in the driver door trim, the soft touch button in the boot lid recess handle or the central locking remote control. To close the boot again, you simply press the button on the inside of the lid.

In the mechanical system, which is available for selected Audi models, opening of the luggage compartment is automated by means of a spring mechanism. The luggage compartment lid is closed again by hand.

* Optional equipment on some models. Please check with your local Audi dealer.