Parking aid plus

The parking aid plus provides visual and acoustic assistance when parking and manoeuvring. The system gives the driver an acoustic warning of any obstacles and shows them on the central MMI or radio display.

Into any space: parking aid plus monitors the area in front of and behind the vehicle. If the car comes close to an object while manoeuvring, an audible warning tone indicates to the driver that the vehicle is heading towards an obstacle. The driver can tell from a graphic on the central MMI or the radio display, which side the obstacle is and approximately how far away it is.

Up to eight ultrasonic sensors integrated into the bumpers detect the distance to the obstacle and feed their measurements to the control unit. As soon as the distance decreases to less than 120 centimetres in front of the vehicle or less than 160 centimetres behind it, an intermittent signal sounds. If the distance falls to less than 30 centimetres, the signal becomes a continuous tone.

The sensors are mounted on the bumpers, flush with the surface and barely visible. Tone emitters are built into the dashboard and the rear shelf. At speeds above 15 km/h the system is automatically deactivated. The system can also be switched off by pressing a button – for instance in dense stop-and-go traffic.