Convenience key*

Look no further: the convenience key is an electronic access and authorisation system. To unlock and start the vehicle, you only have to have the key with you – there is no need to look for it and take it out of your pocket. That is real convenience.

As if by magic: as soon as the driver carrying the key stops within approx. 1.5 metres of the vehicle and moves his/her hand towards the door handle, the key is identified by means of a proximity sensor in the vehicle door and a radio pulse generator in the key housing. The vehicle is automatically unlocked when the door handle is pulled. For unlocking and starting the vehicle, the convenience key can stay in the driver’s pocket.

Another handy feature: if you only wish to open one specific door – without releasing the entire locking system – you can set the convenience key function accordingly via the MMI®, if installed. Incidentally, the luggage compartment is unlocked independently.

Just get in and drive off, without touching the ignition lock – no problem with the convenience key. The steering and ignition are released via the integrated wireless transponder with no need to insert the key into the ignition lock. All further operations are carried out in the interior: lightly pressing the start/stop button on the centre console activates the ignition and the electronic engine immobilizer is released. The engine is started with the start/stop button and turned off again with the stop button. Pressing the stop button again locks the steering. As you get out of the vehicle, you only need to press the small locking button on the driver’s outer door handle and the vehicle is locked again.

Alternatively, you can of course use the convenience key just like a conventional key to unlock, lock and start the vehicle.

* Optional equipment on some models. Check with your local Audi dealer.