Adaptive headlight*

Illuminating around the bend: adaptive headlight helps you to see further and see earlier in poor light conditions and especially in bends. The dynamic cornering light swivels the headlights in the direction of travel, following the degree of turn of the steering wheel. It thus effectively illuminates the path of the road ahead.

Innovative even after dark: adaptive headlight is well ahead of conventional headlights. During cornering, the road ahead and any obstacles just around the bend used to be hidden in darkness for some time with headlights only capable of illuminating a straight section of road. Audi adaptive headlight, however, dynamically adjusts to the movements of the steering wheel and the changes in the vehicle’s heading: it calculates the necessary alteration of the headlight position from various parameters, such as the road speed, steering angle and yaw rate. At speeds between approx. 10 km/h and 110 km/h, the headlight module swivels by up to 15°, following the degree of turn of the steering wheel. The advantage: considerably better illumination of the road ahead when turning and cornering, plus improved safety because the driver can see obstacles and other road-users early, and has time to react with due caution. The dynamic cornering light system Audi adaptive headlight is only available in conjunction with Xenon plus.

* Optional equipment on some models. Please check with your local Audi dealer.