Adaptive air suspension*

Audi adaptive air suspension successfully unites the apparently conflicting qualities of comfort and dynamic handling. With its combination of air suspension and a continuously variable, electronically controlled damper system, it adapts to every driving situation no matter how the vehicle is loaded.

A new design element provides an ingenious solution to the trade-off between handling dynamics and ride comfort: in all driving situations adaptive air suspension delivers the ideal spring-damper tuning by automatically optimising the suspension. The electronically controlled air spring system with continuously variable damping automatically adjusts the suspension to suit the current situation. The advantage: very sporty and comfortable handling whatever the driving situation.

It achieves this with fully load-bearing air springs on the front and rear axles combined with a continuously variable, electronic damping system. The permanent self-levelling function ensures that the vehicle body remains at the right attitude even with an asymmetrical load distribution. You can also select the suspension mode to give your Audi precisely the handling qualities you want. The driver can choose between the modes "automatic", "comfort", "dynamic" and "lift".

Primary characteristics are controlled with four basic settings selected via the MMI®: "lift", "automatic", "comfort" and "dynamic". The optimised damping of the axle mounts also enhances ride comfort. The resulting benefits in terms of quality of ride and comfort on long journeys are achieved without sacrificing handling dynamics.

To make loading easier, the Audi Q7 also offers a loading mode, which lowers the rear axle to 45 mm below its level in normal mode. The loading mode can be activated either via the MMI® or by pressing a button in the luggage compartment.

* Optional equipment on some models. Please check with your local Audi dealer.