LED daytime running lights*

LED daytime running lights make sure you are seen quickly by other road users, whatever the daytime light conditions.

In fog, wind and all weathers: fifty percent of all accidents at junctions during the day are caused by not seeing other road users in time. As a solution to the problem, experts recommend switching on the dipped-beam headlights during the day, or the use of additional daytime running lights. For this reason, many Audi models have daytime running lights with LED light sources. The benefit: other road users can see your vehicle quickly, whatever the daytime light conditions. Another advantage: these special daytime running lights consume less energy than normal dipped-beam headlights. This reduces fuel consumption and extends the dipped headlights’ working life. Automatic activation or deactivation can be selected as desired in the vehicle settings. When the dipped-beam headlights are activated by the light and rain sensor, the daytime running lights are automatically switched off.

* LED daytime running lights are combined with Xenon plus headlights which are optional on some models. Please check with your Audi dealer