Audi Centre Brisbane

Environmental protection

A car manufacturer’s responsibility with regard to the environment calls for continuous optimisation of its production processes. Audi is therefore permanently researching more environmentally friendly methods.

Sustainable production

Resource-saving recycling procedures are already applied, while painting techniques use a minimum of solvents. Up to 65% of new vehicles are now transported by rail.

  • water installation
  • Water catches on

    • With the help of modern cleaning facilities, water-soluble paints and new sealing techniques, solvent emissions have been cut by two thirds in the last 10 years.
  • recycling
  • Recycling

    The majority of materials are supplied in reusable packaging. In addition, 95 percent of waste is now recycled. The metals cycle is completely closed.
  • exploitation
  • Audi innovations

    The proportion of scrapped cars that is recycled is to be increased further by the year 2015. Audi has already received a series of awards for its unceasing efforts to achieve this goal.
  • Low fuel consumption caused by light materials
  • Goal: Saving energy

    Audi uses light materials to cut fuel consumption. Production is optimised and the company’s energy-saving measures are supplemented by staff training courses.


For further information contact
Dr. Dagobert Achatz,
Environmental Protection Manager,
Tel.: +49 (0)841 89 34444
Fax: +49 (0)841 89 31682