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Vorsprung durch TechnikEnvironmental protection at Audi

A long tradition of environmental protection - Audi’s declared objective is to offer each and every customer driving pleasure and sustainable mobility. Our achievements speak for themselves – sportiness, emotional design, quality and environmental awareness all find a common form of expression in the brand with the four rings.

CO2 reduction as a social responsibility

Vorsprung durch Technik is a commitment. This applies particularly with regard to the topic of CO2. Consequently, Audi pursues an all-embracing climate strategy that takes account of all the corporate divisions. It is the expression of the company’s enduring commitment to society and environmental protection and is, for this reason, an integral part of the corporate social responsibility. Our products are produced on the basis of a modular efficiency system. This holistic approach takes account of all CO2-related factors, including engine and drive concepts, aerodynamics, body technology and electronic assistance systems.

Audi Environmental Report

Audi uses the Environmental Report to measure the interim results of its activities geared towards shaping a sustainable future. The company is on the path towards sustainability reporting. Consequently, the latest Environmental Report also includes socially oriented content such as work safety and health management in addition to business-oriented aspects such as information on the marketability of alternative drive concepts.


Environment brochure

The fundamental location and product-related environmental protection measures are presented in the Audi environment brochure.

Vorsprung durch Technik

Efficiency: Standard in every Audi.

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