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Not only at the handling limitsEven more sporty dynamics

For even more sporty dynamics, Audi has developed quattro with sport differential. The sport differential is particularly effective in bends. It actively distributes propulsive power between the rear wheels. The result is distinctly more driving pleasure. The extra agility and improved handling are noticeable even in everyday driving situations, not only at the handling limits.

The principle

  • Additionally distributes drive torque in variable proportions between the wheels at the rear.
  • If required, full propulsive power at the rear axle is applied to only one of the two rear wheels.
  • Instead of braking the inside wheel, more power is directed to the outside wheel when steering or accelerating into a bend.

The effect

  • The propulsive power literally forces the vehicle into the bend. It follows the angle of the front wheels.
  • quattro with sport differential distributes propulsive power quickly and continuously. It counteracts any move away from the ideal line at the very onset.
  • Understeer, i.e. the tendency of the vehicle to push wide at the front, is eliminated.
  • The sport differential is even effective when the vehicle is coasting, for example when the clutch is depressed.

Driving pleasure and traction

  • Appreciably more agility for dynamic cornering
  • The car turns even more spontaneously and directly into the bend and maintains directional stability for considerably longer.
  • Distinctly more driving pleasure

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quattro® with sport differential is available for the following model lines: